"Aarrrgghh!!! Why doesn't the nickel free belt I bought fit?!"

This is a common problem when buying a belt online, and do you know why? People tend to use their pants size as a guide. This is a terrible mistake! There are two reasons why this method can be inaccurate:

One: Manufacturers actually lie about the true size of their pants. They figured out that they sell more product if you think you fit a smaller size with their brand, so they lie the sizes down.

Two: People often buy pants that fit tight originally, but stretch over time.  So they should have bought a larger size to begin with.  Many people do not realize that they are actually wearing pants that are 1"- 2" larger than they thought due to this.  

In fact, we took an employee that wore a size 32" pair of jeans and measured his waist. He measured 35 inches. We rarely have someone return one of our nickel free belts because it was too big, it is usually because it was too small.

So what do you do?

The best way to size for one of our nickel free belts is to actually measure your waist with a measuring tape while wearing a pair of pants (and make sure you measure where on your waist your pants normally sit):


Lay a belt you use on the floor and measure from the far end of the buckle to the hole that you normally use:A person measuring a nickel free belt by measuring from the end of the nickel free buckle to the hole they use.


Following these simple rules will give you an accurate sizing and make for a purchase that you won't have to return!

Please note that all sizes posted on our site are hand-measured for accuracy so follow the sizing chart on each product page with confidence :). 

Happy nickel free shopping, and thank you for visiting!