was born out of necessity.  With children in the house suffering from nickel allergy, and no retail establishments carrying nickel free belts, we took it upon ourselves to solve the problem.  Soon, neighbors that mentioned strange belly rashes were trying our nickel free belts on for size.  Then co-workers were complaining about nickel allergy and giving our nickel free belt buckles a try.  From there it was a natural jump to online sales and here we are today, thousands of customers the world over.

We are still a "Mom and Pop" shop at heart, and want you to know that your satisfaction with our product and service will always come first.  You are the only client that matters as far as we are concerned!

We can be reached at 661 645 6499 week-days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.  We will answer any questions you may have. Or drop us an email anytime at Please visit our information site at for great articles on nickel allergy, nickel free diets, and other products not sold here (yet).

Thank you for visiting us and please join our newsletter in the footer section.  We will keep you informed about medical break-throughs, nickel free legislation, and general news regarding nickel allergy.  We hope that someday our services will not be needed!


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